The 888 Randomised Fun Generator

In need of some fun?

Do you ever feel like you need let your hair down and do something a little bonkers? If the answer is yes, this randomised fun generator could be the solution for you. By pulling the lever, 888's generator of fun will assign you a completely bananas goal for 2023.

Have a go yourself and see what yours will be…

“In 2023, …”

I will
I won't
learn to juggle
bake a rainbow cake
wear pink
dance a fandango
sing an operetta
do amateur dramatics
dye my hair green
write a stand-up show
grow marrows
only walk backwards
attempt keepy-uppies
take selfies
eat jelly
do 10 star-jumps
make anyone a cup of tea
wear an item of clothing inside out
wear underwear
sing the national anthem
perform the macarena
ask for a pay rise
carry a lemon
at work
every Tuesday
on the bus
in the shower
in front of Buckingham Palace
in a hot air balloon
on Sunday nights
when it rains
in a swimming pool
on Bank Holidays
if it snows
in the cinema
in a work meeting
when gardening
on a golf course
when shopping